Johnsonville Family Dentist Warns About Low Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water


The government recently announced that the director general of health would regulate fluoride levels to reduce tooth decay in young children.

Currently, the levels are regulated by DHB’s which sees some regions have too low fluoridation and many children seeing their dentists with toothaches and decay problems early in their lifetime.

Johnsonville Family Dentist supports the decision to regulate fluoride levels centrally and for drinking water to have a healthy amount of tooth protecting chemicals, as we see more and more children and families struggling with early decay and oral health problems.

As a friendly family dentist, we always try to explain to our patients why they are experiencing pain and other issues. Regulating the fluoridation of drinking water better would more than likely reduce tooth decay issues in young children and help them have a healthy smile for a more extended period.

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Source:: New Zealand

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