Georgie Falloon Shares Her Story About Starting Redwood Clothing


The newest blog on the Redwood Clothing website is an interview with the founder by FashioNZ about why she began her business.

The tall women’s clothing store opened at the end of 2020, into a very challenging year, to help tall women find clothes that fit perfectly and give them the confidence to feel good. Redwood Clothing is part of the Willow Shoes stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Georgie Falloon first started Willow Shoes, a retail store for women with long feet, in 2001, as she couldn’t find the right-sized show for her size 12 feet.

The founder gave an insight into her life and what kind of fashion she enjoys in the interview. If you are interested in what she had to say, click here.

Redwood Clothing is a specialist online and retail store that focuses on creating solutions for tall women. New Zealand fashion designer clothes are altered to have a longer leg or sleeve, so even the tallest women can get a perfect fit. Together with Willow Shoes, the retail store targets an audience that has often been neglected, and if you are someone who is struggling to find the right-sized fit, be sure to visit the experienced team in-store or contact us online.

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